A passage to India

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Valued for its strength and beauty, Indian sandstone is a natural choice for stunning landscape designs.

It has been used for centuries all over the world and is featured in the most majestic monuments, temples and buildings in India – from the Red Fort of Delhi to the Rajasthan Assembly House in Jaipur.

We’re also big fans of the stone in the UK as it is perfect for our climate with its low water absorption, resistance to abrasion, strength and overall durability. And with its variety of vibrant colours from gentle browns and greens to grey and olive tones, it adds a rustic, traditional feel to any home or garden.

Cheaper alternatives simply won’t look as good or last as long, so you need to know you’re getting the best quality stone for your money.

Authentic Indian sandstone has been quarried for centuries. Cheaper stone may have been quarried from areas where the stone isn’t as mature, and can often be softer and more porous which means it might become slippy and covered in green algae. Plus the quarrying process and health and safety conditions for workers vary from place to place.

At Sandstone Supplies UK you can rest assured that you are buying high quality, ethically sourced sandstone.

We don’t just simply ship goods – all of the products that we source and sell have been painstakingly researched and inspected by us, in detail, before they were chosen for inclusion in our range of products.

We have a commitment to green and ethical work practices and we would never knowingly source materials from any organisation that we believed to be using unethical production practices that might be harmful to workers.

Equally, we would never procure materials from a geographic location that was under environmental threat as a result of mining and related extraction processes.

Earlier this year, our director Chris travelled over to India to visit suppliers we have been using for the last eight years. A big fan of sandstone, it was a dream come true for him to see for himself the landscape which produces this rich and colourful stone with all its glorious variations.

A highlight of the trip was when Chris got to visit the different mines and witness how the materials he has used for all these years are made. He got to see the mines first-hand and meet the workers who hand chisel every piece of riven Sandstone we use.

This amazing experience has fuelled his passion for the stone and, satisfied with both the quality of the materials and the practices being used to mine and produce them, we made the decision to launch our own business specialising in importing the finest quality Indian sandstone to the UK.

Since then, our supplier has visited us in England and we have plans to return to India at least once a year to keep building this wonderful relationship we have with them.

So come to our head office in Warrington and see for yourself what this amazing material has to offer and tell us about your design projects. We can offer a wealth of inspiration, guidance and advice on how to bring your vision to life.

Visit Sandstone Supplies UK Ltd, off Folly Lane, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 0NG or call us for a chat on 01925 918 978, 0795794609, email info@sandstonesupplies.co.uk or visit our website at www.sandstonesupplies.co.uk
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