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HexDrain Accessory Set

ACO HexDrain Drainage Accessory Pack. To be used with either the Black Plastic, Galvanised or Brickslot HexDrain Drainage Channels. The pack consists of: 2x end caps, 1x outlet and 1x leaf trap.

HexDrain Brickslot

Discreet slot drainage channel. Manufactured from recycled polypropylene, ACO HexDrain® Brickslot is suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic up to Load Class A 15.

HexDrain Channel

Manufactured from recycled polypropylene, ACO HexDrain is suitable for domestic applications up to Load Class A 15 - Pedestrian, cycleways, minimally trafficked areas (light domestic vehicles only). The high quality ACO HexDrain channels clip together, allowing for quick and easy installation.

HexDrain Corner Unit

The hexagonal design structure of the ACO hexdrain corner unit provides exceptional strength and rigidity whilst keeping weight to a minimum. The hexagonal shape is also utilised to provide simple positive connection for the wide range of ACO HexDrain accessories. This ACO Drainage corner unit can accept a channel from any of the 4 sides and will accept a 110mm pipe directly underneath.