Black Limestone Tumbled Brushed (Sample)


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Black Limestone Tumbled Brushed

The Stone’s story

This stone is a consistent colour throughout with a distinctive smooth finish. A deep charcoal grey/black colour will create a contemporary feel in your garden. This is one of the only natural stones can fade over time due to weather conditions, because of this we would always recommend sealing this stone to keep the monochromatic look.

Why buy the stone

Indian Sandstone Paving is a firm favourite for anyone who is looking for a showstopping finish to their driveway, pathway or patio. Depending on which sandstone you chose from you can create either a traditional, rustic or modern finish to your project. And because we understand that every garden is unique, we stock a wide range of Indian Sandstone styles and finishes so you can find the best to suit your home improvement project and give your garden the wow factor it deserves.

Black Limestone Tumbled Brushed

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600x600mm, 600x900mm, Mixed Patio

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