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Black Limestone Cobbles

From edging a patio, creating a contrasting picture frame border or even using them for an entire patio or path, our cobbles have multiple uses and are available in various finishes and sizes. Please uses images as a reference. Due to the natural nature of the product, the colours and tones will vary.

Black Limestone Natural Circle

Circles are a great way to create a feature in your garden. A circle consists of a centre circle stone with fan like stones around it to create a modern take on the usual sandstone circles. The circle is 2.2m in diameter and available in various colours.

Black Limestone Tumbled Brushed

£23.00£24.00 sqm
This stone is a consistent colour throughout. A deep charcoal grey/black colour will create a contemporary feel in your garden. This is one of the only natural stones can fade over time due to weather conditions, because of this we would always recommend sealing this stone to keep the monochromatic look.