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Azpects EasyGrout

EASYGrout is a high-quality slurry grout for use on porcelain and most other paving materials. EASYGrout mixes readily with water to give a highly flowable joint filling and grouting mortar ideal for use on floor surfaces where a high early strength, resilient, compact grout joint is needed. Please call 01925 918978 for shipping information.

Azpects EasyJoint

The original and still the best truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound" available in the UK. Do not be fooled by others making similar claims. EASYJoint is a very quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way to fill joints between paving materials. Please call 01925 918978 for shipping information.

Azpects EasyPrime

Azpects EASYPrime Porcelain Primer is a polymer modified cementitious slurry primer. EASYPrime is an easy to apply high strength bonding agent for use when laying natural stone and porcelain paving. Please call 01925 918978 for shipping information.

FlowPoint Smooth

Ultrascape Flowpoint is a flowable slurry grout ideal for filling the joints between all types of paving slabs. It’s perfect for use with granite setts, sandstone, limestone, porcelain, Indian Stone, Yorkstone and concrete slabs. Flowpoint Standard meets BS 7533 and can offer a construction life of up to 40yrs. The patio pointing mix comes in 25 KG bags, is simple to use, with an initial set in just 15 minutes.

Pro Grout Flex

UltraTileFix ProGrout Flexible has been designed for areas where movement or vibration is likely. Polymer has been added to the formulation to increase flexibility and to provide a virtually impermeable set. UltraTileFix ProGrout Flexible is suitable for joint widths up to 20mm. ProGrout Flexible is packaged using the latest plastic packaging technology, offering you greater product protection and prolonged freshness.