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Azpects Back to Black

EASYSeal Back to Black Limestone is a penetrating resin that transforms & exaggerates the look of Black Limestone, while providing a stain & water resistant surface. Super popular! Although designed for Black Limestone is can be used with other porous natural stone.

Azpects Slate & Limestone Sealer & Enhancer

Seals, enhances and enriches colour. EASYSeal Slate and Limestone is an advanced water based high performance sealer using the latest technology to provide a waterproof, breathable, transparent yet durable seal to limestone and slate.

Black Limestone Bullnose Corner

To compliment our range of steps we also have corner pieces for creating a curved corner feature.

Black Limestone Bullnose Step

Steps are perfect for adding those finishing touches to your project. Our steps are 900x450x35mm.

Black Limestone Natural Sawn Edges

£23.00£24.00 sqm
This stone is a consistent colour throughout. A deep charcoal grey/black colour will create a contemporary feel in your garden. This is one of the only natural stones can fade over time due to weather conditions, because of this we would always recommend sealing this stone to keep the monochromatic look.

Camel Dust Hareena Circle

Circles are a great way to create a feature in your garden. A Hareena circle consists of a centre circle